TOP 10 Illegal EXTREME Sports

What sports are a great time for many people? They build skills and working with the team. Sports that improve your health and are exciting, but that’s not enough for some people, in fact some people take it farther and engage in extreme sports. These kind of sports are not only incredibly dangerous but illegal, oh here are the 10 craziest extreme sports that in fact are illegal.

Number ten is underground bicycle racing, you mean with training wheels a little? No, not really. What could possibly go wrong when you combine aggression, anger and being amped up on coffee? with some of the baddest bikers on earth known as alley cat racing. These illegal events are held without permits as racers weave through traffic leading to countless collisions and arrests. It’s just like fast and furious except way more dangerous in real life. These extreme cyclists will ride on sidewalks grab onto bumpers of taxis ride against the flow of traffic and cut through private property including restaurants, or really anything in order to win, meant to recreate the hectic day of a bike courier.

The annual cycle world championship is held in different cities around the world. In places like New York City, Berlin and even Toronto. Next time you see a guy crazily racing around the city on a bicycle he might actually be racing or delivering food or both.

Number nine is bill during. Bill during is a combination of bouldering, which is rock climbing without a safety harness on buildings. People basically climb the sides of skyscrapers without any way to keep them from splatting on the pavement. Even with the harness and rope bill. This is totally illegal, because it usually involves trespassing and no city in the right mind would ever issue a permit for this. But that’s what makes it appealing is the illegal nosov. The sport is especially popular in Russia where people apparently already have a death wish, like Max Polozov, who breaks into buildings to climb to insane Heights to capture radical footage below.

The face of the sport is Alain Robert, known as the French spider-man. He has been arrested more than 100 times climbing structures, including the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge. Well I don’t like spiders or Heights I’m definitely not doing this.

Number eight is urban exploration. Imagine that all around you, likely underneath your feet. There is a whole world waiting to be explored like some modern urban Magellan or Columbus. Similar to the illegality of bill during urban exploration usually requires breaking and entering to participate in the sport. Where you explore abandoned buildings and document the beautiful decay. Oh ok we just broke in and there’s a rat eating man’s face… Urban explorers have entire societies that are dedicated to wandering together through these derelict buildings, tunnels ,sewers and abandoned subway tracks. The craziest part is they often expose themselves to contamination. Alike Asbestos and Bio hazards. If you’re in the sewer you can probably guess what the biohazard is. Arrests for trespassing are very common for these brave souls going where few have gone before, or even want to go. Why would you want to be surrounded by poopies in a Superman?

Number seven is elevator surfing. A regular surfing itself can be a dangerous sport, with the threat of drowning beach brawls and shark attacks. Elevator surfing where you ride the top of an elevator car as it goes up and down. It’s so extreme it’s kind of just stupid. No offense if you want to do it. You just go ahead, I’m gonna just let natural selection take over the sport. If you can call it, that began in the mid-1980s as a way for teens and college students to keep themselves entertained. Before the internet was invented surfers generally work in duo’s, with one inside the elevator, car controlling the elevator. Choose what floor they go to, while the surfer hangs ten or whatever the slang is for you elevator surfers and if you guessed it that people have died doing it you’re 100% correct. Hence being illegal and explicitly banned in cities and universities. I say University specifically because for some reason students love to do this way.

Number six is train surfing for impoverished people. In the third world who cannot afford train tickets, in places like India Indonesia and Guatemala riding on the top of trains is an unfortunate necessity. That often leads to death or dismemberment, however in first world countries badasses with a death wish call it train surfing. It’s illegal in just about every country on earth with some cities installing concrete balls above train tracks to discourage the practice. This so-called sport began in Germany in the 1990s, but it died out there after a quick succession of deaths. But ofcourse thanks to YouTube train surfing is back with a vengeance of lunatics risking their lives for viral glory. Yeah nobody does that nowadays, doing crazy stuff on camera for views.
In fact in September of 2017 in New York City teenager fell off an F train in Brooklyn and it was not a good site. He cut open his face and ruptured his testicles. All just to show how ballsy he was. Kind of ironic right?

Number five is wingsuit jumping. If God or evolution or whatever you believe that makes humans – human intended us to fly like birds. That we would probably have wings. Wingsuits are illegal in all united states national parks, for a very good reason. The user of these gravity-defying outfits are often scraped off the side of mountains and put in a body bag. Take world-famous wingsuit flyers Dean Potter in Graham hunt who took flight in July of 2015 in Yosemite National Park from Taft point to a 1060 7 meter drop. Well just 22 seconds after they were lost the restored iPhone footage and autopsy reports indicated that both slammed head first into the ridgeline at over 160 kilometres an hour. It was their final flight literally. Literally it was their final flight they planned it to be their final flight but natural selection took care of the rest.

Number four is drag racing. Drag racing on city streets isn’t a traditional extreme sport, that mostly involves risking death with your own body. But it is certainly extreme and extremely illegal. Amateur racers who don’t have a NASCAR sponsorship will bring their own customized car down to a designated street late at night, to test their mettle and see whose machismo can go from zero to 100 the fastest. Even Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami during his bad-boy era for racing his rented yellow Lamborghini down the street, but pampered pop stars aside a drag race in 2008 in Maryland ended tragically. When a white sedan crashed into a crowd of onlookers killing eight people. If you really want to test your driving skills don’t do that play a little Mario Kart instead. It’s a fun gaming system now just look out for the blue shell because that is a biatch.

Number three is urban slacklining. People who never ran away to the circus but always wanted to, can go out and recreate the circus with a tightrope between two trees called slacklining. Now that’s kind of fun but between two buildings is a bigger nono. On August 7th 1974 the then 24 year old freshman Philippe Petit walked a tightrope between the World Trade Centers Twin Towers in New York City. Not only did he risk plummeting 541 meters down where he would most certainly have become one with the pavement, but he went back and forth eight times across a 61 metre gap over the course of 45 minutes if I even look over my balcony I put my pants out that I would not do that called the artistic crime of the century. He and his assistants were all arrested right after and he was taken to a psych ward for having a death wish. Look, slacklining is basically illegal everywhere. It’s very dangerous don’t go do it cuz you’ve gone gold splat splat and then everyone’s gonna be sad. Don’t do it

Number two is Street luging. Huh okay? I get vertigo, just watching ice luge races during the Winter Olympics. So I’m downright terrified of it’s icy counterpart Street luging. This is where riders are in a supine position on a skateboard, like contraption flying at speeds that exceed 113 kilometers an hour. Like the Flintstones, the only breaks are your feet so chances of a collision are high. Being so low to the ground, your chance of being squashed by cars and trucks is very high, fast. But in spite of the illegality of the sport. Worldwide organizations like gravity sports International are teaching new losers safe practices. Generally off the actual street well yeah, I would hope it’s off the actual streets. You can’t be like.. thank you for your hundred dollars now just go on the road and just do your best…

Number one is BASE jumping. Alike wingsuit jumping, BASE jumping is illegal in u.s. national parks because it’s so dangerous and often leads to the morgue. Traditional BASE jumping combines mountain climbing with skydiving so, the extreme sportsmen or woman climbs a mountain and then just jumps off base jumpers. Enjoy a few fleeting seconds of freefall before they pull the chute and then drift down. Often to be arrested by Park Rangers with $2,000 fines but then there’s BASE jumping off of buildings and skyscrapers, which involves some very illegal Breaking and Entering or some bill during up first and then jumping due to the illegality of an urban. Base jumpers tend to jump late at night or the crack of dawn to minimize getting caught and the threats to public safety. Please!!! don’t jump off very tall buildings. Could you imagine just walking around and all sudden you see a shadow and you’re like there’s a man coming..

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